Pat Holmes – A Memoir


My daughters, and my grand daughter Lucia, have needled me in to writing as much as I can remember of my life for the benefit of my grand children, and their children,and what follows is just that.

The trouble is that I do not really remember very much, and as I never kept a diary until the death of my wife a lot of what I do remember is trivial and boring. The really important episodes are distinctly hazy in my memory,and some of what I write may well be inaccurate. However I do wish that I knew more about my own father’s life, and that he had kept a chronicle as I should have been very interested to read it, and that is my excuse for writing this.

Members of my family, and friends should not be offended if references to them are short and merely statements that they were born or existed. I could write a lot about each one of them, but I am not a writer by nature or ability, and I have therefore decided to write only of what I myself did.


Chapter 1